Chinese Casino Good Luck Charms

Good luck charms are also rife with the Chinese. Here are some good luck charms that may help you improve your casino winnings:

Bring Ang Pow (Red Envelope)
It is said that Ang Pow was a brave young man who killed a dragon terrorizing his village. Out of gratitude, the villagers then collected money and placed it inside a red envelope and gave it to the boy. Today, the red envelope is decorated with numerous symbols for good fortune and prosperity and filled with a single gold coin. Carry the envelope in your purse or wallet when you venture in a casino to bring good luck.

Carry the Mystic knot
The mystic know is created by tying six infinity knots (a figure 8) together. You can find these tied through coins, charms, amulets and other Feng Shui symbols. The mystic knot brings never-ending good fortune, even a happy life.

Three-legged Toad
The three-legged toad is extremely potent for attracting wealth and good fortune. Many of these statues come with a Chinese coin in the toad's mouth. Make sure the coin side with the Chinese characters is facing up. Place the toad in southeast sector, facing into the room, and never facing an outside door.

Grow A Money Tree
This plant has round leaves that resemble the shape of coins. Place in east or southeast sector of your home.

Get A Pet Goldfish
The goldfish is used to attract money like a magnet. Place it in the north or southeast sector of home.