Chinese Casino Superstitions

Superstitions are part of the Chinese culture. In fact they have superstitions in just about anything - like wearing red to attract prosperity and good luck.

Some believe that these superstitions don't hold water, while others swear by their effectiveness.

Here are some common Chinese casino superstitions which you may want to consider to increase your chances of winning your next casino bet.

Choose A Lucky Hotel Room Number

Many Chinese consider certain numbers, or combinations of numbers, as lucky. Generally, even numbers are considered auspicious, since it is believed that good luck comes in pairs.

If you're staying in a hotel and are going to play in its casino, Chinese superstitions suggest that choosing a lucky hotel room number can start your good fortune.

The number "8" is associated with prosperity. Meanwhile, numbers like "3", "6" and "9" are considered "good" numbers that, when properly combined with "8" or other numbers, can increase your chances of winning. Therefore hotel room numbers "8", "38", "68", "98" are considered lucky. Want to double your fortunes? Try stay in hotel room number "88".

Here are more auspicious hotel room numbers:

  • "18" (sounds like "definitely prosper" in Cantonese)
  • "84" (sounds like "prosperous till death" in Cantonese)
  • "168" (sounds like "prosper all the way" in Cantonese)
  • "998" (sounds like "prosper for a long time" in Cantonese)
  • "1388" (sounds like "prosperity in one's lifetime" in Cantonese)

On the other hand, the number "4" is coupled with death. So better stay away from hotel room "4"!

Other hotel room numbers to stay away from are:

  • "58" (sounds like "won't prosper" in Cantonese)
  • "1358" (sounds like "won't prosper in one's lifetime" in Cantonese)

Perform Rituals

Rituals also form a big part of Chinese culture. In fact, they regularly offer food and fruits, light up a candle or say a little prayer to get blessing, luck and riches from their gods. These rituals are usually performed at the start of the Lunar New Year, or you may perform yours before heading out to the casino.

Cling to Feng Shui

Feng Shui literally means "wind-water". It is widely used to orient buildings or furniture in an auspicious manner.

The Chinese believe that we live in a world full of "Chi" or force (positive or negative), which can be manipulated to their advantage.

You may want to rearrange your furniture keep away negative energy while attracting positive "Chi". Or you may want to use the casino's side entrance because the main entrance is said to be jinxed by the casino's Feng Shui geomancers.

More Superstitions to Ponder

Here are more superstitions to consider before even thinking about opening your wallet and splurging your bankroll.

  • Wear something red when playing at the casino.
  • Don't do anything with books before visiting the casino. "Books" sound like "lose" in Chinese and surely, you wouldn't want to end up with a loss.
  • Having a losing streak? Go piss to change your luck.
  • Behind every casino gaming table is a baby ghost. Feed the ghost with sugar and the ghost can help win.